On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery: All You Need to Know

FedEx is a multinational company that has earned itself a solid reputation for consistent and speedy deliveries. I can’t be biased here. Despite being a former USPS worker, I admit and appreciate the fact that FedEx is really good at what it does.

That is the sole reason that many customers upon receiving the “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery” message, get all excited.

They consider this message synonymous with “You’ll absolutely have your FedEx package delivered today”. But when the package doesn’t show up the entire day, or even the next day, people are left utterly disappointed and puzzled.

So, it is important to understand what this message really means, how to use FedEx tracking to find out exactly where your package is at any given time, and what to do in case your FedEx package is delayed.

In this detailed guide, I will answer all of the above questions, and more!

On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery: What does it really mean?

Simply put, On FedEx vehicle for delivery means exactly what it sounds like. That your package is on a FedEx vehicle, on its way to you right now!

You basically receive this message once the FedEx driver has scanned the barcode on the package and loaded it onto the FedEx vehicle for delivery.

But does receiving this message mean that you will receive your FedEx delivery in a few hours, or even whether you’ll receive your package today?

Well, most of the time the answer would be yes. But not always!

There can be a number of issues preventing your FedEx packages to reach you in time, even after you have received that message.

Sometimes, FedEx will accidentally scan a package a lot earlier than it should have, triggering the process of sending you that message. So while you’ll be eagerly waiting for your FedEx delivery that day, there won’t be any just because of an error made at the FedEx facility.

Other times, the FedEx vehicle will fail to find your address, especially if it’s a new driver. In such cases, the delivery vehicle will take your package back to FedEx facility and scan it to register it back into the system.

You will most likely be updated via a message about this and the next day when your package is loaded again onto the FedEx truck, you will again receive the message “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery”.

Now the best way to avoid any unnecessary anticipation about FedEx shipments is to use the FedEx tracking service, which brings us to our next section.

How do I track my FedEx package?

The FedEx tracking service is one of the best ways to track your package as it travels from city-to-city and state-to-state, and even internationally. It’s an easy way for you to see where your shipment may be at any given moment, without having to call customer support or wait hours on end for a delivery update.

Every single package and parcel that enters into the FedEx system is assigned a TCN (Transportation Control Number), or in simple words, a tracking number. This code enables you to get the latest updates about where exactly your package is in the FedEx system.

Just go to the FedEx website and right on their homepage, you’ll see a field to enter your tracking number and locate the current whereabouts of your package.

So rather than getting all pumped up upon receiving the “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery” message, I strongly suggest you use the FedEx tracking facility to know exactly when your FedEx delivery will arrive.

The FedEx tracking information will give you detailed updates about each phase of the transit starting from “Package Accepted” all the way to “Package Delivered”.

Does the FedEx tracking show exact location of my package?

I have numerous friends working at FedEx and from what I hear, I can say that FedEx is a company that takes it commitments to its customers very seriously.

The company works hard to keep the shipment status on the tracking software as up to date as possible so that FedEx customers don’t end up disappointed.

However, I’d like to share with you something that’s even better than the standard tracking. It’s something they call the FedEx Delivery Manager.

You can sign up for free and avail a plethora of services apart from tracking. Not only will it show you where you package currently is in the FedEx delivery network, it will also show you an estimated delivery date a time.

But that’s not all.

By signing up to this free service, you will get delivery notifications and be able to specify a pickup location. Moreover, via this free service, you can also request them to temporarily hold the package for up to 2 weeks, absolutely free!

Wait, there’s more!

This service also allows you to electronically sign for a package via your pc or phone in case your physically not present to do that. That’s a lot of free services that saves you from having to reach out to FedEx customer service.

Now apart from the freebies, this service comes with some premium options as well, allowing you to:

  • Schedule a specific delivery time rather than waiting for the FedEx truck
  • Have the package delivered on a different day than it was scheduled
  • Deliver to a different residential address rather than your own

These premium services start at $5.55 but that rates vary depending on location and other factors. You’ll get to know know an exact rate once you request one of the premium services and provide the shipment information.

Can FedEx re-route your package when it’s out for delivery?

Fortunately, yes you can ask FedEx to redirect your package to one of the following:

  • Any nearby FedEx Facility (there are thousands of them nationwide)
  • Any Walgreens store
  • Dollar General (select locations)
  • Grocery store locations

You can have the package redirected to any of the above locations even if it’s out for delivery on a FedEx van. However, you’ll have to signup for the free Delivery Manager service to be able to do that.

This feature is especially beneficial for customers who have errands to run and don’t want to worry about their FedEx packages laying outside. Also, if you feel it’s going to take you longer to get back home or that you even can’t come back home today; you can simply ask them to hold the package.

As mentioned before, all of these robust services come absolutely free with the FedEx Delivery Manager.

How long does FedEx take to deliver when on truck?

Usually, and by usually I mean like 99% of the time, you should receive it in a matter of hours, or at least on the same day. Generally, when you receive “On FedEx Vehicle for Delivery” message, it means FedEx is going to deliver your package today.

Keep in mind that when FedEx delivers a package to you, it might have to go through several transit stages, especially if it’s coming from a different state or a different country.

FedEx will only send you the said message when the package is in the last leg of delivery, i.e. on its way to you. In other words, it’s coming to you from the FedEx facility closest to you.

There can be reasons for delay though which I have already covered in the sections above.

FedEx says Package Delivered but I can’t find it?

Although not usual, but it does happen. At times, a package may get lost or damaged during transit. In such cases, you shouldn’t hear FedEx saying that it was delivered even if they do, don’t worry.

The first thing you need to do is check your property thoroughly to ensure the driver hasn’t left your parcel at some other place on your property than the usual delivery spot. This does happen in case your parcel was brought by a fill-in or new driver.

Once you’ve ensured that the package actually hasn’t made it to your door step, it’s time to file a claim with FedEx.

Simply visit the File a Claim page on the FedEx website and provide all the required information including your address, as well as the contents of the package and its value.

Once you file the claim, FedEx will investigate the matter and reach out to every single staff member who came in contact with your package, including the driver.

This process usually takes between 5-7 business days. If FedEx fails to locate the whereabouts of your package, FedEx will reimburse you for the lost package. They often pay via EFT so that you get your funds at the earliest possible.

Why isn’t my FedEx package out for delivery?

The FedEx Delivery Manager is the best tool at your disposal to keep track of when you can expect your parcel to arrive on your door step.

If your package is not out for delivery, it’s most probably in transit. Please keep in mind that “In Transit” does not necessarily mean your package is on a vehicle. It could very well be in the local FedEx facility or another FedEx location.

FedEx works diligently but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect any hiccups. Due to volume of packages or other factors, such as weather or manpower, it can sometimes take longer than usual for your parcel to be processed.

As your package moves in the FedEx delivery network, it gets scanned at various points and the Delivery Manager will keep you updated accordingly. But it’s common for packages to sometimes go un-scanned for up to 24 hours, due to the above reasons.

However, if you feel it has been unreasonably long and your package is still not out for delivery, the only option you have to is to contact FedEx customer service by calling 0120-003200.

I hope this article answered all your questions about what exactly On FedEx vehicle for delivery means, as well as other related queries.

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  1. I have a shipment that has been “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” for a week. This was posted on 1/4/22 with a scheduled delivery date of the same day. When it didn’t arrive, the scheduled deliver date was changed to 1/5/22. The next day, on 1/6/22, the scheduled delivery date said PENDING. It has been in this status since.

    Do you have any recommendations on what I can do to determine if it’s still coming or if it is lost?

  2. Fed ex is horrible. I’ve had same message everyday for 3 days. It’s delivered by end day today then next day same thing. You can’t talk to someone all automated. Worse than goverment ran mail. Idky ppl don’t use ups. They are more reliable and least let me know when the hell to be home I’m still waiting last 3 days and I ordered a 700 dollar item so what happens if I’m not home. And gets stolen. I’m worried and pissed. Last time I’ll use sunny workouts coz they use fed ex. I ordered from ups well shipped ups and the guy callldd me to meet him to make it easier. Last 3 days says today I had off. Now idk says grove city Ohio. I lived there that’s about4 hrs. Left 8 am. It’s 430 and I know it won’t be here but like yesterday and day before says today. Bullshit


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