How Late Does USPS Deliver?

How late does USPS deliver? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they want to mail something, or are expecting to receive it. It can be frustrating for customers who don’t receive their mail at the same time every day, or if they miss out on a delivery because it was delivered too late in the day. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how USPS delivers mail and how you can track your package online so you will know exactly when it will arrive!

How late does USPS deliver?

While the standard working hours for delivery of mail, as per United States Postal Service, are 8 AM to 5 PM, mail is still delivered outside the hours of operation.

Most of the time, USPS will deliver mail even after the end of their business hours.

The post office opens at 8 AM but mail carriers reach there way before that. They help load their trucks so they can save time and deliver packages more efficiently. They will be able to leave the post office or site an hour earlier than 8 AM on certain days, which is a great way for them to start off the day right!

The mail is usually out by 7 AM. There are many factors that determine when the mailman will start delivering packages, but one thing to keep in mind for all early birds and night owls alike: The earlier your package or letter goes out on its journey, the sooner it’ll arrive in your hands.

Now, while the postal carriers do usually set out early in the morning, how soon you receive your package primarily depends on where your residence falls on their delivery route. The farther you are on the delivery route, the longer you’ll have to wait for the delivery.

Postal workers not only start off earlier than the standard working hours but also work way beyond those. As mentioned the USPS states delivery time as 8 AM to 5 PM, but it’s very common for the delivery window to be extended as far as 10 PM.

Yes, you read that right!

Some people have reported getting their USPS delivery as late as 10 PM. While that’s a bit rate, deliveries as late as 8 PM or 9 PM happen quite often.

This holds especially true during holiday season when USPS is trying to get as many packages delivered as possible, every single day except Sunday.

The postal service gets a lot of questions about how their arrival time works because there are so many different variables at play.

If you are expecting a package or something that requires quick delivery (like documents or medication), it is better to contact your local post office and ask about how late they can work in order to ensure your package arrives on time!

How late does USPS deliver on Weekends?

Saturday deliveries follow the same delivery time as other days of the week, except with one interesting difference.

While the mail carriers do work extended hours and provide delivery service on Saturdays, the post office itself only operates for limited hours, usually between 9 AM to 12 PM.

So even on a Saturday, you can look forward to a package delivered to you as late as 8 PM or 9 PM. Again, this will happen a lot more often during busy holiday season where the mail carrier works extended hours beyond the USPS delivery times.

Sunday delivery is a different story though. Unlike other days of the week, USPS will not deliver any of the ‘regular’ mail classes on Sunday.

Sunday delivery is reserved for Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, First Class Package Service, and Amazon packages.

Now since these all of the above belong to premium class mail, USPS does its very best to ensure timely delivery.

Especially for the Priority Mail Express which comes with a guaranteed 2-day delivery and money back guarantee, the expected delivery time for it can stretch to as late as 10 PM, even on a Sunday.

That’s because these premium services come with additional fees and USPS does it’s best to avoid late deliveries, where late means not going beyond the two or three days delivery window.

At what time does the USPS stop delivering?

In my own experience, as well as based on research, 10 PM is the latest people have reported where postal workers made home deliveries.

This goes way beyond the standard closing business hours of USPS which are 8 to 5. While some people may not be happy with such late deliveries, the fact should be appreciated that mail carriers work that late to deliver all the mail.

What happens if United States Postal Service is late?

The answer depends on what you mean by ‘late’ and which delivery service was used to send out the mail/package.

If by late you mean that it didn’t arrive before 5 PM, we have already covered that point above. It can be as late as 8 PM or even 10 PM in some rare cases. But if by late you mean your package delivery got late than the expected delivery time, then we need to consider the next point, i.e. the mail class.

If it is a First Class Mail you’re expecting which is supposed to arrive in 1-3 business days and it didn’t arrive by then, unfortunately there’s nothing you can do except to wait till it arrives.

That is because the 1-3 days delivery for First Class Mail is an estimate, not a guarantee. Which means delays are possible. The same holds true for most other mail classes including USPS Retail Ground.

The only exception here are the Priority Mail Express packages which have a guaranteed delivery of 1-2 days. If that gets late, you’re entitled for a full refund. Keep in mind though that the refund is subject to terms and conditions. You can read more about it here.

Why does my mail arrive at different times each day?

One of the reasons why mail comes at different times each day is because USPS has a lot to deliver.

In my own experience, I’ve found that some mail carriers have more deliveries than others and they will take their time delivering that mail without any concern for what time it is.

Another factor may be how many letters get delivered in your area with respect to other areas and this can cause an extended delay.

If one carrier had all the letters while another only had two or three, then delivery would come later for those unlucky homeowners who just couldn’t wait until evening falls before getting their daily dose of postman-delivery.

Also, the timings of letter deliveries are affected by the mail volume that USPS has to deliver. When there is a higher amount, then delivery becomes delayed because it takes longer for carriers to complete their rounds in order to finish on time and not be late delivering all the letters they have.

At times where more people request services from USPS or holiday seasons when Christmas cards need delivering, this also causes delays as postal workers struggle with meeting deadlines under increased workloads.

USPS uses specific locations known as “cluster boxes” which would allow them combine mail into one location so that each carrier only needs to make two stops instead of six before finishing their route – effectively reducing time required and improving efficiency. This can help get your post delivered faster than ever!

Weather conditions also plays a role in postal delivery timelines. If it is raining or snowing, carriers can’t be out delivering mail as quickly and efficiently because of the slippery roads which slows down their travel time.

The final factor that impacts daily delivery timings is the rotating schedule used by USPS for mail carriers. For normal business days i.e. Monday to Friday, you are most likely going to receive mail pieces from your regular carrier.

The other two days, it’s going to be a rotating/substitute postman who might not be as familiar with your area’s appointed rounds as your regular mail guy, and hence a delay can be expected there.

It explains why your post comes at a different time every single day – because there are so many different factors at play.

While it’s tempting to blame these inconsistencies on lazy carriers who just don’t want to work hard enough, life unfortunately doesn’t always go as planned. So if you’re noticing delays in receiving your merchandise or correspondence often, try checking with other nearby residents about when they’ve been getting services.

In Conclusion

The United States Postal Service delivers mail to homes and businesses Monday through Saturday. You can track your package by entering the tracking number online at or on their mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

If you don’t have a mailbox, then make sure you leave your name with an out-of-office neighbor who will accept packages for you when they are delivered.

In most cases, customers receive delivery confirmation of their package within 24 hours after it has been sent to its destination address from USPS headquarters in Washington D.C., but sometimes deliveries take up to five business days due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather that may cause delays during transit time or other factors outside our control like customs clearance issues.

I hope after reading this blog post, you now have a much better understanding of how late does USPS deliver, as well as the possible reasons for the delay.

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  1. You’re usps is very seldom on time.
    You should advertise on usps orders to make sure they let usps customers know that if they expect delivery on a specific date to look at the shipping options.

    • Agreed, I’m far from impressed. I’ve been given three separate days to expect my package and USPS failed to deliver on all three days, and has yet to deliver my order.

      USPS is a broken system that that could use some serious restructuring.

  2. USPS continually delivers past 5PM to our business mailbox. Our business is closed after 5PM, so the local thieves reliably steal whatever is in the mailbox that night. Oh, by the way we are located within 1.5 miles from the post office from which the mail and parcels are distributed.


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